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OKTO Launches OKTANE™: Corporate Monthly Newsletter Dedicated to Surgical Sales

COSTA MESA, California – January 1, 2003 – In January 2003, OKTO Ophtho launched its first edition of the upgraded and newly-designed OKTANEë, a monthly newsletter focused on Surgical Sales and Marketing functions at OKTO Ophtho.

The purposes of each and every OKTANE are:

• Information: To formally educate, direct and inspire the OKTO Surgical Sales & Support Teams on a monthly basis with critical market and technology information.

• Inspiration: To continually reinforce the value-commitments and missions of the organization, in order to maintain our deep sense of organizational purpose.

• Celebration: To highlight and celebrate the top OKTO Surgical Sales performers and, hopefully, ěstoke the firesî of competition.

Each OKTANE issue will feature:

• Cover Story: Each month, OKTANE will detail the most current, newsworthy highlights surrounding OKTOís people, ideas, technologies, and events.

• Fuel from the Field: Authoring this section, Erik Melling, the Vice President of Sales-U.S., will provide powerful and uplifting sales techniques for the field ‚ as well as updates on the OKTO Sales Force.

• Selling OKTO: This section symbolizes OKTO's commitment to teamwork. Each month, an individual OKTO Surgical Sales or Support rep will draft an article on any topic of choice. The purpose of this section is to do one thing: inspire the spirit and build the revenue.

• OKTO Scoreboard: A ranking of Surgical Sales performance for the previous month.

About OKTO

Founded in 2000, OKTO Ophtho develops and commercializes specialized, leading-edge surgical technologies for eye surgery. OKTO’s purpose is to develop surgical solutions that improve the quality of life for patients, elevate the performance and productivity of eye care professionals, and lower costs to the provider.

OKTO currently holds leadership positions with surgical devices for oculoplastic surgeries and bio-implant technologies for ocular surface/ophthalmic reconstructive

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