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AmbioDry2 Amniotic Membrane
SutureGroove Gold Weights
Directions for Use
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Reimbursement information
SutureGroove™ directions for use
Ordering information

Reimbursement Information

SutureGroove Gold Eyelid Weight Implants
Gold Eyelid Weight Implants

CPT Code Description
67911 Revise Eyelid Defect with 22 modifier (reference Mueller’s muscle defect)

Supply Code Description
L8610 Ocular Prosthesis

Note: the operative report with a copy of the invoice for the implant must be attached to forms.

Reimbursement for surgical technologies is a major concern for providers, patients, the physician community and medical technology innovators. The process can be complex and reimbursement is affected by, among other things, the site of service, the type of device used, and other factors.

The general information provided here is for illustrative purposes and is designed to serve as a guideline only. Our products may be covered only if they meet the requirements of Medicare and private payers. We strongly recommend that you consult with your consultants, payers for local coverage and your own reimbursement policies.