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SutureGroove Gold Weights
Directions for Use
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Reimbursement Information
SutureGroove™ Directions for Use
Ordering Information

Ordering Information

SutureGroove Gold Eyelid Weight Implants
Gold Eyelid Weight Implants

Customer Service 1-800-658-6411 or 714-545-2535
Fax: 714-545-1282

SutureGroove Gold Eyelid Weights SutureGroove Slim Gold Eyelid Weights
Weight Item # Weight Item #
0.6 gram GOLD-06 0.8 gram GSLM-08
0.8 gram GOLD-08 1.0 gram GSLM-10
1.0 gram GOLD-10 1.2 gram GSLM-12
1.2 gram GOLD-12 1.4 gram GSLM-14
1.4 gram GOLD-14 1.6 gram GSLM-16
1.6 gram GOLD-16    
1.8 gram GOLD-18 SG 8 Gold Weights Sizing Kit
2.0 gram GOLD-20 Description Item #
2.2 gram GOLD-22 Standard-8 wts GOLD-77
2.4 gram GOLD-24 (.6 - 2.0 gram)  
2.6 gram GOLD-26    
2.8 gram GOLD-28    

Custom sizes are available upon request.

Product specifications and directions for use are included and shipped with each device.
All SutureGroove Gold Eyelid Weights are packaged for single-use only.
Do not re-sterilize.