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SutureGroove Gold Weights
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SutureGroove™ Directions for Use
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SutureGroove Gold Eyelid Weight Implants
Gold Eyelid Weight Implants

Employed in the surgical treatment of lagophthalmos, SutureGroove Gold Eyelid Weights represent the newest generation in gold eyelid weight technology.

OKTO Ophtho has licensed a patented technology that incorporates recessed suture channels within traditional gold eyelid weight technology to perfect implant fixation and improve lid cosmesis.

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Features and Benefits

Innovation and Design The depth of the SutureGroove™ channel approximates the diameter of a regular 6.0 suture (400 microns). Extending from the suture hole to the edge of the implant, this smooth channel embeds the suture, achieving a stable, virtually immovable position.

Expanded Surgical Options

SutureGroove Slim™ are 25% narrower than the traditional design, providing a more-contoured, less conspicuous appearance within the eyelid.

Enhanced Cosmesis and Patient Satisfaction

By eliminating the elevated suture lines, you also provide your patient with a smooth, acceptable eyelid appearance post-operatively.

Manufactured Precision

All SutureGroove™ gold implants are forged from pure gold, ensuring a precise, smooth, residual-free gold weight for every surgery.

SutureGroove™ and SutureGroove Slim are trademarks of AMI and are used with permission