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AmbioDry2 Amniotic Membrane
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AmbioDry2™ Directions for Use
Ordering Information
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AmbioDry Amniotic Membrane Tissue Grafts
Processed Human Amniotic Membrane Allografts

The AmbioDry2™ is our second-generation amniotic membrane technology – developed to further optimize and simplify amniotic membrane transplantation (AMT) for eye surgery. The safety, logistical and surgical advantages with AmbioDry2™ are vast.

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Features and Benefits

Tissue Safety

All tissue recovered meets stringent specifications related to donor screening and testing. AmbioDry2™ allografts are procured and processed according to standards established by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) and the United States F.D.A and are subject to unyielding high standards to ensure tissue safety.

Tissue Quality

Each allograft is processed, sterilized and packaged with proprietary, device-like methods – to ensure consistent, high quality tissue for transplantation.

Simple Storage and Preparation

AmbioDry2™ Allografts are provided dehydrated for room-temp storage. No freezing or refrigeration required. AmbioDry2™ activates with sterile saline within minutes. No thawing or soaks required.

Faster Surgery

Significantly less surgical time is required. AmbioDry2™ Allografts are processed and packaged WITHOUT a filter paper or “substrate” backing. The tissue can be trimmed and contoured in its dry state and then hydrated during surgery within minutes.

More Biostructurally Intact

Compared to the first generation AmbioDry technology, AmbioDry2™ provides a more intact, native amniotic membrane graft. While the unique process destroys the potential bioburden and virulency, the membrane’s devitalized cellular components, along with its dense connective matrix – are preserved.

AmbioDry and AmbioDry2 is a trademark of OKTO Ophtho